One More Whale


All the whale drawings are finished!! I just need to get better at remembering to save them again as jpegs so that they will upload here. But at long last, here is one more drawing for you to see. It is the Northern Bottlenose Whale skeleton, shaded and ready for the museum. You can see the drawing in its original line drawing format a few posts below…


Two Squid and a Dolphin

I received a lovely e-mail from a friend that included a mention of this blog, promptly reminding me that it needed updating!! So here is another skeleton drawing, this time a Bottlenose Dolphin, fully shaded. And then there are also the squid drawings. Not for the squeamish as I have been spending a fair amount of time staring at their tentacles preserved in jars whilst drawing, but the finished drawings are in-fact to illustrate their delicious appeal to the cetaceans of the museum….


As promised a long time ago, here are some whale drawings I have been working on recently. They are still in their line drawing stage at the moment, shading to come. I have two more to go, the Orca and the Bottlenose Dolphin, and will also be drawing the whole cetacean for a compare-the-skeleton-to-the-animal piece for the museum. But for now, a Fin Whale, Northen Bottlenose Whale and a Beluga:

Drawing Catalogue (1)

I thought it was about time to get some of my drawings from the last year or so up on the site, so that I can start to build up a small catalogue of my works. If you visited Art in Action last year, you might recognise some of them. Others willl be new! So in no particular order, here goes:


This photo was taken in my studio at Wimbledon College of Art, it is the first really large drawing that I made, and inspired the scale of the more recent Honey Buzzard. Again, it is drawn by hand, entirely with standard sized sketching pencils, ranging from 2H – 8B. I worked up the shading in over-lapping blocks, so drawing and shading one block at a time. It took several months to complete…!

A Jurassic New Project

Over the last month I have been working on some dinosaur illustrations for the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. I’ve enjoyed the project so much, and am hoping to work with them on some more drawings (on a different theme) soon. These dinosaurs are going on an activity trail for children to get them exploring the museum and learning all sorts of dinosaur information. They are drawn by hand (in pencil first, then when I’m happy, with a really fine pen) and then I scan them into my computer to shade them. Hope you like them, and perhaps are inspired to hit the Natural History Museum, or atleast watch Jurassic Park.

Just in case…

Still here, still drawing!

Hello! I will begin with the much owed apologies – so sorry for leaving you without any new posts for so so long. My trip to Cambodia and the Philippines was so, so good, I’m always still thinking about it and being influenced by it, from the things I cook (coconut curry for dinner tonight…) to the things I buy (new summer dress covered in a teeny tropical fish print..!) to my whole future (Masters degree in Wildlife Documentary Production coming up).

Next up, the excuses!! They aren’t very good, but they mainly concern a long time without drawing once back in the UK, and then not being able to remember my password for the site once the pens and pencils were back in force. But I found the ability to log-in deep in my brain somewhere, and so I’m back.

And now for the reassurances – I’m still here and I’m still drawing!

See you in December!

I can’t quite believe that we are now fast approaching the middle of September. I’m so sorry for being a bit hopeless at leaving updates since I finished the Honey Buzzard drawing. But exciting news, I am off for an 11-week long adventure to Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines and so have been rushing around preparing for all sorts of things. But I will be back in early December with lots of inspiration for some new drawings. I will look forward to getting them up here, along with any sketches and things that I do whilst away. See you then, and thank you so much for continuing to patiently visit the blog since my last post in August.