One More Whale


All the whale drawings are finished!! I just need to get better at remembering to save them again as jpegs so that they will upload here. But at long last, here is one more drawing for you to see. It is the Northern Bottlenose Whale skeleton, shaded and ready for the museum. You can see the drawing in its original line drawing format a few posts below…




I seem to be having problems uploading the squid drawings… But for now here is my new Orca (Killer Whale) drawing instead! Image

Two Squid and a Dolphin

I received a lovely e-mail from a friend that included a mention of this blog, promptly reminding me that it needed updating!! So here is another skeleton drawing, this time a Bottlenose Dolphin, fully shaded. And then there are also the squid drawings. Not for the squeamish as I have been spending a fair amount of time staring at their tentacles preserved in jars whilst drawing, but the finished drawings are in-fact to illustrate their delicious appeal to the cetaceans of the museum….